From Monday, May 29th 10:00, until Friday, June 2nd 12:00, the 4th plenary project meeting will be held in Hella, Iceland.

The meeting will be hosted and co-organised by the Icelandic project partner, The Soil Conservation Service of Iceland (SCSI, Landgræðsla ríkisins). The Venue will be the Stracta Hotel in Hella. 

The meeting program is currently being developed, and will be available from this website soon. An excursion is included in the meeting program on Wednesday, a post-meeting excursion is optionally available on Friday afternoon. The registration for the event is open for project members. 

For project members it is advised to first read the Iceland meeting information page, before booking your flight and registering for the meeting. The information page contains essential information for the trip.

- Iceland meeting information page: here.
- Meeting registration page: here (only for registered project members).
06APR2017 - Updated travel information on the info page  
- 23MAY2017 - Preliminary meeting program (v6): here.
- 08MAY2017 - Instruction and template package Iceland: here.