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pdf BRU PC TH 1 HESSEL RECARE summary v4 (85 downloads) Download (pdf, 11.87 MB)
pdf BRU PC TH 2 BACHMANN2 RECARE final conf WP4 presentation 27Sept (85 downloads) Download (pdf, 5.28 MB)
pdf BRU PC TH 3 THORSOE RECARE PolicyWorkshop presentation SoilCompaction 2609 2018 (83 downloads) Download (pdf, 2.40 MB)
pdf BRU PC TH 4 MORARI RECARE final conf CS unipd fin (78 downloads) Download (pdf, 15.68 MB)
pdf BRU PC TH 5 KEIZER RECARE final conf CS PT V11 (76 downloads) Download (pdf, 2.19 MB)
pdf BRU PC TH 6 DELDEN 2018 09 27 Upscaling of measures final (87 downloads) Download (pdf, 9.19 MB)
pdf BRU PC TH 7 FLESKENS RECARE POLICY CONFERENCE (76 downloads) Download (pdf, 12.56 MB)
pdf BRU PC TH 8 GOERLACH Impact Assessment 270918 (80 downloads) Download (pdf, 939 KB)
pdf BRU PC TH 9 FRELIH RECARE Policy Options 27092018 (81 downloads) Download (pdf, 601 KB)
pdf Draft agenda Final Plenary meeting RECARE (265 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 65 KB)
pdf RECARE - WDCD2017.pdf (910 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 5.58 MB)
document The RECARE Policy Conference Press Release (71 downloads) Download (docx, 16 KB)
document World Soil Day 2018 Empowering Soil Managers(Final) ADAPTED FOR WUR (50 downloads) Download (docx, 17 KB)