The RECARE project is divided into 11 Work packages each with their own set of goals, tasks and deliverables. The specific work foreseen in each Work Package is shown after clickin on the corresponding work package number.

Work package No. Work package title Lead partner
WP 1 Project management Wageningen University (P1)
WP 2 Providing the base for RECARE regarding data collection and methods NIBIO, the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomic Research (P6)
WP 3

State of degradation and conservatino in the RECARE Case Study sites 

Technical University of Crete (P2)
WP 4 Stakeholder participation and valuation Centre for Development and Environment CDE, University of Bern (P10)
WP 5 Selection of promising prevention, remediation and restoration measures ISRIC World Soil Information (P12)
WP 6 Testing and demonstration of prevention, remediation and restoration measures UAVR, University of Aveiro, Portugal (P7)
WP 7 Costs, benefits and adoption of prevention, remediation and restoration measures University of Leeds (P15)
WP 8 Applicability and effects of measures at the European level Research Institute for Knowlegde Systems B.V. (RIKS) (P24)
WP 9 Policy analysis and recommendations Ecologic Institute (P14)
WP 10 Data use, management, and hosting Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (P13)
WP 11 Dissemination and communication University of Gloucestershire, UK (P23)






WP WP leader
WP Deputy
1 Coen Ritsema Rudi Hessel
2 Jannes Stolte
3 Ioannis Tsanis Yannis Daliakopoulos
4 Gudrun Schwilch Hanspeter Liniger
5 Godert van Lynden Zhanguo Bai
6 Jan Jacob Keizer Frank Verheijen
7 Lindsay Stringer Luuk Fleskens
8 Hedwig van Delden
9 Ana Frelih-Larsen Sandra Naumann
10 Panos Panagos Cristiano Ballabio
11 Jane Mills Matt Reed