Gudrun Schwilch (CDE Bern) has recently informed me that a new feature is available from the WOCAT technology database; QT ‘micro-summaries’ in format A6 can now be generated and printed for every QT entered into the database. You have to be logged in to use this feature. There is an additional pdf button “A6” in the ‘Report’ column of the technology list:

WOCAT QT micro summaries







If you are a moderator of a 2nd RECARE stakeholder workshop and you like this addition, you may want to consider using these A6 cards during Step 4: Assessing the SLM practices against the criteria (“scoring”). They would replace the Post-its upon which you write the QT names. The advantages – as far as I can see – are that you can easily generate the set of cards you need for this exercise, and they contain more info than just than QT name. However, be aware that you would have to use a larger scoring tool (probably A2) to fit the cards, and that they do not stick to the scoring tool (i.e. you would have to glue them before putting the results up along the wall).

In any case, this is an addition you may want to keep in mind.