Today, ISRIC finished their report 'Measures for Preventing, Mitigating and Remediating Soil Threats in Europe - a Literature Review'. This comprehensive review, compiled by Zhanguo Bai and collegues of ISRIC, describes an extensive literature survey of measures for preventing, mitigating and remediating soil threats in Europe and the wider world that has been conducted using a wide range of data sources and personal communications with all RECARE project partners. The review focuses on actual measures being applied to prevent, mitigate or remediate the soil threats as specified by RECARE. The existing measures are illustrated per RECARE soil threat.

Whereas measures for control of erosion by water and wind, desertification, and contamination can easily be found, much less information is available for arresting decline in organic matter in peat and mineral soils, flooding, landslides, soil sealing, or loss of soil biodiversity.
The amount of information available at the global scale is overwhelming, and not all of the information retrieved could be included. We have included what we believe to be accurate. Nevertheless, it is by no means an exhaustive document and no guarantee is provided about the content.

The report can be downloaded from the download section.