Hella, Iceland - June 2nd 2017 - The plenary RECARE meeting was closed after a successful week filled with presentations and discussions. The meeting was organised by RECARE partner Soil Conservation Service of Iceland (SCSI), who did a perfect job.
On Monday, after the meeting was opened by SCSI director Arni Bragason, the Case Studies kicked off the meeting by presenting their progress and discussing their findings using the posters they made for the meeting. In the afternoon already, the 'information-caroussel' was started, where different Work Packages and Case Study representatives exchanged information in a roulating schedule. This caroussel was continued on Tuesday morning. In the afternoon Work Packages 4 and 7 gave a training for specific tasks in their WP. Also Heleen Claringbould gave an overview of the Gender situation within the project.
Wednesday was reserved for the excursion, where a number of SCSI trial areas were visited and Johann Thorsson explained about the specific soil threat Iceland has to deal with: desertification. We also enjoyed the Icelandic landscape.
On Thursday, the Work Package leaders gave an overview of their progress, explained future plans and gave feedback about the caroussel sessions with the Case Studies. Work Packages 9 and 11 gave a training session in the afternoon, and the new RECARE films, about the soil threats 'pollution' in Case Study site Guadiamar, Spain, and 'soil sealing' in Case Study sites Wroclaw, Poland and Milan, Italy, were shown.

Friday, the last day of the meeting, was reserved for presentations about management of the project, by WP1, and a dissemination training was given by Jane Mills and Matt Reed. Mark Tibbett gave a feedback of the discussion he held with the Case Study leaders about the goings in the Case Studies. The successful meeting was finaly closed around noon, and the participants went their way after a joint lunch.

The meeting minutes, presentations and posters presented can he found on the post-meeting information page.

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The RECARE group visiting the Icelandic case study site (photo: Erik van den Elsen)