Friday, Januari 17th
 the first plenary meeting of the RECARE project was closed after a fruitful week in Valencia, Spain. The project partners met in the Reina Victoria hotel, in order to exchange information and discuss the detailed planning for the first project period. On Wednesday an excursion was held in the close-by Case Study area. The sections and pictures below give an overview of the whole week.

Monday, January 13, 2014 - Today, the kick-off meeting of the RECARE project was opened by Coen Ritsema (Wageningen University), coordinator of the RECARE project. Coen gave an overview presentation about soil threats in Europe and the EC policy at the moment, future developments on this area and the role the RECARE project is supposed to play in this field. Furher presentations were given about project structure, planning and management issues.

The afternoon was programmed for information exchange between the 11 Work Packages that the project incorporates and the Case Study partners; different sessions were held in which the Work Package leaders informed the remaining project partners about the various activities within the corresponding Work Packages.

The first day ended with a joint project dinner in the centre of Valencia, with the 50 participants of the meeting. More information about the meeting will follow this week.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2014 - Tuesday morning was devoted to information exchange of the topics within the different Work Packages to the rest of the project partners. Work Package (WP) leaders was given the opportunity to explain what their WP will be performing during the course of the project. They all presented a poster and explained their task to small groups of partner representatives. In most cases, a lively discussion between the participants developed.




















Tuesday afternoon
was devoted to presentations from the Case Studies. The Case Studies (CS) were asked to present their field sites' characteristics and tell the listeners something more about the specific problems encountered in their Case Study site. These talks proved to be very effective and provided understanding to the listeners about the impact the various soil threats have on the daily life of people living in these areas.























On Wednesday a field trip to the Valencia Case Study was splendidly organised by Artemi Cerda. The 50 people group travelled to the Case Study to the south-west of Valencia city to visit an orange orchard and a vineyard. The orange orchard is suffering from soil erosion problems due to the way the scale enlargement was implemented. On and off-site effects of this soil erosion features were shown and a discussion with local stakeholders, mostly farmers, was conducted on the premises. A vineyard that is being managed in an organic style was also visited, and the owner explained his vision on the principle of organic farming in combination with being able to economically manage the vineyard.   























Thursday was devoted to a WP2/WP3 workshop; both workpackage leaders executed a workshop that aimed at achieving an improved overview of existing information on soil degradation at the European scale (WP2) and assembling existing data and information on each of the RECARE Case Study sites, including spatial information, as needed by other WPs. The workshop laid the basis for assessing the necessary information for these two Work Packages. Also, a number of presentations were given on EcoSystem Services (ESS - UNIBE), Data that is available at partner Joint Research Centre (JRC), communication within and outside of the project including Branding (UoG) and Stakeholder Analysis (UNIVLEEDS).






On Friday
only half a day was still available for the meeting, in the afternoon most partners already left for home. Partner Ecologic gave a presentation about policy issues within the European Union, and ISRIC gave a presentation about the WOCAT system. Also the final list with agreements and ToDo's was drawn up.















Further information can be found on the Kick-off meeting Valencia -page.