The RECARE information Hub, a sister webpage to the RECARE website, has been launched today, April 1st. The Hub will function as an information platform that disseminates detailed information about soil threats that are facing most of Europe's countries. 

Due to growing human intervention and unsustainable management, soils are currently under increasing threat from a wide range of processes, such as soil erosion, compaction, desertification, salinization, sealing, contamination and loss of organic matter and biodiversity. Detailed information about the threats that are facing our soils can be found on the RECARE hub.

Next to hosting information about the ongoing research in the RECARE project, it will also serve as a platform for the stakeholders in the various countries that are involved in the project. Furthermore it will present information about assessing soil threats, technical solutions  to remediate soil threat processes, and teaching resources for schools. Since the project will also look into policy at regional, national and European level, sections about this subject will also appear on the Hub in a later stadium of the project.

Next to the RECARE Hub, the RECARE information leaflet has been issued today.

The RECARE project leaflet can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

The Official RECARE Press Release can be downloaded HERE (English) and HERE (Dutch).