The plenary project meeting that was being held in Padova, Italy, from March 16th - 20th 2015, was closed on Friday, March 20th. The meeting was organised by Francesco Morari and colleagues from UNIPD in cooperation with the coordinator. On the picture, Francesco Morari and Nicola dal Ferro are thanked by Violette Geissen for the excellent organisation of the workshop, field visit and cultural excursion on Friday afternoon.  Thank you Francesco!

The meeting report and a picture gallery will be posted on this website soon. Read more about the meeting below.



The meeting gathered more than 50 RECARE partners from all over Europe. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the progress of the project and to make detailed plans for the upcoming 18-month second period. The meeting was opened by Dr. Violette Geissen, member of the coordination team, who gave a short overview of the goals of the project and its current status.

The rest of the day was spent on information exchange between the Case Study representatives and Work Package leaders. During these discussions information on ongoing work was exchanged. More news to follow...


The second day of the meeting hosted a number of presentations and feedbacks from day 1. Also the Case Studies were given the opportunity to present a poster where their progress during the first period was shown. This display of posters lighted a lively discussion between Case Study representatives and other project members.










For the third day a visit to the local case study area was scheduled. Francesco Morari and colleagues showed us some experimental farms where the local soil threat of loss of organic matter is studied. The pictures below give an impression of a very interesting day.


 The fourth day of the meeting was dedicated to a number of additional WP presentations, including a presentation by WP8, that deals with the applicability and effects of measures at the European level.

Friday morning (day 5) was dedicated to a training given by WP7 about the application and implementation of Bayesian Belief Netwoks (BBN), in the Case Study sites (picture below).


The meeting program can be downloaded HERE. Required partners' contributions to the meeting will be sent by e-mail. Information about the meeting can be obtained from the meeting information page.