A series of promotion video's have been produced for the RECARE project and are available online. Video producer ScienceView, from Hilversum-the Netherlands, has produced three excellent video's displaying a number of soil threats and the impact these soil threats have on peoples' lives. Three soil threat cases have been higlighted; Flooding (in Case Study country Norway), Pollution (in Romania) and Soil Erosion (filmed in the south of Spain).

The film about Flooding in Norway shows the magnitude and impact of floodings on an agricultural area near Nord-Fron, that was due to the combination of heavy rainfall and snow melt.

The film about pollution shows what kind of consequences soil pollution can have in an area where there has been intense industrial activity, such as in Copsa Mica in the center of Romania.

Finally, the film about Soil Erosion, recorded in the south-eastern part of Spain, shows what consequences altered cropping systems , in this case oranges, can have on the landscape and ecology.

A nice resume of these three movies is shown in the RECARE Trailer, that summarises where RECARE project is about.

The complete collection of video's can be accessed through the RECARE project Channel on Vimeo, together with the RECARE instruction video's.