This page lists the presentations given during the RECARE Policy Conference, held on September 27, 2018 in Brussels, Belgium.

Josiane Masson from the DG Environment, introduces
the day (photo: Erik van den Elsen)
The attendees in discussion
(photo: Erik van den Elsen)


 The official post-Policy Conference Press Release can be downloaded HERE (Word .docx 17kb)

No.  Authtor / Presenter Presentation title Size 
1 Rudi Hessel (Wageningen Environmental Research) The RECARE project 4Mb
2 Felicitas Bachmann (University of Bern) RECARE Transdisciplinary approach 5Mb
3 Martin Thorsøe (Aarhus University) Subsoil compaction - a threat to soil ecosystem services 2Mb
4 Francesco Morari (University of Padova) A participatory approach to combat the decline of soil organic matter 16Mb
5 Jan Jacob Keizer (University of Aveiro) Mitigating soil erosion by water following wildfire 2Mb
6 Hedwig van Delden (RIKS) Upscaling of measures 3Mb
7 Luuk Fleskens (Wageningen University) Economics of soil threat remediation measures 1Mb
8 Benjamin Görlach (EcoLogic) Policy impact assessment - key findings 2Mb
9 Ana Frelih-Larsen (EcoLogic) Policy options 1Mb