The UNCCD 3rd scientific conference will be held in Cancún, Mexico from 9 to 12 March 2015 in the framework of the 4th special session of the Committee on Science and Technology.

The conference is convened under the theme "Combating desertification/ land degradation and drought (DLDD) for poverty reduction and sustainable development – the contribution of science, technology, traditional knowledge and practices".

Global changes are expected to accentuate DLDD, and the vulnerability of populations, particularly those living in drylands. The conference will therefore focus on how to anticipate the impact of climate change and land degradation, in order to be able to promote adaptive and sustainable land management approaches to reduce poverty and environmental degradation while achieving sustainable development.

Parties, observers and relevant organizations are encouraged to contribute to the success of the meeting and showcase their work by:
• Submitting a proposal for a side event
• Applying for a booth

More information, application forms and guidelines on:

Requests must be sent to the UNCCD Secretariat by January 9th, 2015.