In the framework of the International Year of Soil, 2015, the the Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) has developed a set of 12 videos, each centered around a monthly soil related theme. The goal of these videos is to raise:

  • Public awareness of the value of soils and soil science
  • Visibility of soil scientists in their communities
  • Highlight as the premiere place to find soils information

The first video, about Soils sustaing life on our planet, can be viewed below, and higlights Soil as the foundation of life on earth and shows the EcoSystem Services (ESS) soils provide.

EcoSystem Services are also an important aspect of the RECARE project. More about the relation between ESS and the RECARE project can be found on the workshop page about the EcoSystem Services Workshop given in the framework of the RECARE project earlier in 2014.